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'Go green is an initiative, which reflects our belief that the private sector is a major partner in development and an inevitable agent for a better future'
Yves de San, Resident Representative.

Go Green 2003 was publicly launched on June 10th 2003 at the Ministry of Environment, within the context of the World Environment Day. The idea, initially a simple environment forum organized by Schtroumpf, a Lebanese restaurant chain, has evolved to become a national multistakeholder environment awareness campaign. This year Go Green is supported by UNDP and its projects at the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture along with the private sector: Coca Cola, Tetra Pak and Barter Card. In addition to raising awareness on a number of environmental issues, the project aims at encouraging corporate social responsibility. This launch underscores an exceptional partnership: UNDP, the government, the private sector, academia and the media were gathered for the launching of this unique event. During the press encounter, Mr. Omar Sakr, Schtroumpf Environment Programme manager and also manager, announced Go Green activities for 2003. They included the following:


A contest where students from different universities compete in artistic creativity around the themes of Fresh Water, Organic Food, Forestation and Reforestation, Energy Efficiency and Desertification.


A Forum announcing the winners in each of the above categories.


A Launch of the awareness campaign for the top Organic Food project


Celebration of the International Year of Fresh Water - launching of the awareness


campaign for the best Fresh Water project.


Celebration of International Volunteer Day.


National Trees' Day - launching the awareness campaign for the winning Forestation and Reforestation project.

Mr. Sakr also noted the contribution of SOLICAR, who generously offered all the necessary paper for Go Green 2003 promotional material, including posters, placemats and flyers.no need to mention that all the used paper are 100% Lebanese recycled paper!

In addition, all of the partners' representatives expressed their enthusiasm for this year's activities; they also briefly presented their respective social programs. Read the speeches:


- Word of Mr. Yves de San
- Barter Card Speech
- TetraPak 
- Coca-Cola 

The press encounter was also marked by the presence of graphic design teachers from different universities who, in a very innovative move displayed previous from their students' projects highlighting this enriching experience. Click to see the winning projects!

The Photo Tour

Also among the many activities of the project, a Photo Tour grouped 29 students from nine different Lebanese universities. This objective of this outing is to raise awareness on environmental issues among youth and university students, encourage their self-expression and creativity on the impact of desertification the mismanagement of natural resources and finally, to show the link between poverty and desertification. Read more about the Photo Tour!

More about the Press Encounter.
Press Releases:


Invitation to Launching - english
Launching of Go Green 2003 - english - arabic

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